Preliminary program

The fourteenth international Forum «Partnership of State, business and civil society in ensuring international information security»

Security and sustainability of the ICT-environment for prosperity

The forum is held by

National Association for International Information Security (NAIIS) (Russian Federation)


O.V. Khramov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council, Chairman of the NAIIS Supervisory Board

A.V. Krutskikh, Special Representative of the Russian Federation President for international cooperation issues in the information security field, member of the NAIIS Presidium

V.P. Sherstyuk, President of the National Association for international information security

The Forum purpose is to discuss the priority directions of expert study regarding cooperation problems between States in the use of the ICT-environment and ways to solve them to ensure international peace and economic prosperity of the world’s States.

December 7, 2020 Monday

09.00-9.30    Participants registration

9.30-13.00    Plenary Session

«Current problems of ensuring international peace and maintaining sustainable development in the global information society»:

 – International legal regulation of the critical information infrastructure objects security whose activities are global in nature (the Internet root server system, international payment systems, air ticket sales systems, etc.);

– Existing and potential threats;

– Implementation the principle of States sovereign equality in the information space;

– Norms, rules and principles for States responsible behavior;

– International relations related to the development, production and use of ICTs that are not regulated by international law;

– Confidence-building measures;

– Prevention of inclusion the hidden malicious functions in ICTs that can be used to undermine the security and reliability of the ICTs use, as well as to undermine trust between trade partners and damage national security;

– Capacity-building;

– Regular established dialog.

14.30-18.30  Round table № 1

«International law and confidence-building measures in the ICT-environment: political and legal issues»:

– Universal standards for delineating the areas of States responsibility in the ICT- environment when applying voluntary, non-binding norms, principles and rules of States responsible behavior in the ICT-environment (Resolution of the UN General Assembly 73rd Session, 2018);

– State sovereignty, international norms and principles deriving from sovereignty and governing international relations in the use of ICTs;

– States jurisdiction over the ICT infrastructure located on their territory;

– International legal regime for the security of critical information infrastructure objects.

December 8, 2020 Tuesday

9.00-13.00    Round table № 2

«International law and confidence-building measures in the ICT- environment: technical regulation problems in the ICT- environment»:

– International legal consolidation of borders of State responsibility zones in the ICT-environment;

– Fixing the borders of national critical information infrastructure objects; 

– Fixing information about violations of norms, principles and rules of States responsible behavior in the ICT-environment;

– Fixing the information required for attribution of States affected by the incident in the ICT-environment.

14.30-18.30  Seminar-Round table № 3

«Problems of resolving international disputes caused by incidents in the ICT- environment by peaceful means»:

– Incidents in the ICT- environment;

– Detection violations of norms, principles and rules of States responsible behavior in the ICT-environment;

– Attribution of States violating voluntary, non-binding norms, principles and rules of States responsible behavior in the ICT- environment;

– Resolving international disputes arising from incidents in the ICT-environment.

December 9, 2020 Wednesday

9.00-13.00    Seminar-Round table № 4

«Problems of international cooperation when ensuring business security in the ICT-environment»:

– Malicious and hostile use of ICTs against critical information infrastructure objects;

– Protection of critical information infrastructure objects;

– Providing assistance to States affected by incidents in the ICT-environment related to critical information infrastructure objects;

14.30-18.00  Seminar-Round table № 5

«Legal mechanisms to counter the use of the ICT-environment for interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States, including the humanitarian measures»:

– Duty of States not to interfere in matters within the domestic jurisdiction of any State;

– Forms and methods of using ICTs to interfere in the internal Affairs of sovereign States;

– Regulation of international relations in the field of countering the use of ICTs to interfere in the internal States Affairs.

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