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December 16th, 2019 a scheduled 19th meeting of International information security research Consortium will be held in Moscow.

The chief and organizer of International information security research Consortium is the President of the National Association for International Information Security — Vladislav Sherstyuk (Russia). The Association activity’s directed to promote an active dialogue between Russian and foreign experts regarding counteraction the use the ICT environment for violation of international peace and security, preparation and commitment terrorist attacks, commission other crimes.

At the Consortium meeting there is considered to discuss the following:

the results of the project “Methodic issues of application of norms, rules and principles of the States responsible behavior, designed to promote an open, safe, stable, accessible and peaceful ICT-environment ensuring”;

prospective directions of collaborative work in the field of international information security system formation.

The Consortium meeting is attended by the delegates of Moscow State University (Russia), East-West Institute (USA), Cyber Policy Institute (Estonia), Tokai University (Japan), Ict4peace Foundation (Switzerland), Belarussian State University (Belorussia), Kyrgyz State Technical University (Kyrgyzstan), the University of New York state (USA).

Our traditional partners for discussions in the international information security field from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and the Institute of Information Security and Cryptography (Kazakhstan) also take part in the Consortium meeting. We are also glad to see our new colleagues from the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (Switzerland) and International Committee of the Red Cross.

On the Russian side, the discussions will be attended by Deputy Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council O.V. Khramov, Special  Representative of the Russian Federation President for International Information Security Andrei Krutskikh, the Russian Federation Security Council representatives, the Russian Defense Ministry delegates, representatives of commercial and non-profit organizations working in the information technologies and communications field. The proceedings of the International information security research Consortium meeting will be published in the “International life” journal and on the website of the National Association for international information security.

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