>> Basic Principles of State Policy on International Information Security (RUS)
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Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Approving the Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation on International Information Security.

The Basic Principles of the Russian Federation State Policy on International Information Security is a strategic planning document that sets out official views on the essence of international information security and identifies the main threats to international information security, the targets and objectives of the state policy in this sphere, as well as the main areas of its implementation.

The document defines international information security as the state of global information space when international peace, security and stability are maintained on the basis of universally recognised principles and norms of international law on conditions of equal partnership.

The Basic Principles are aimed at promoting Russia’s views on forming a system for ensuring international information security and relevant Russian initiatives, assisting the establishment of international legal mechanisms for preventing and settling interstate conflicts in the global information space, and organising interagency cooperation for the implementation of the state policy on international information security.

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